What do I need to run VONAPP on my computer?

Your Computer and the Internet

VONAPP is designed to give Internet users secure access to our website and provide good performance. The power of your computer and the speed of your connection to the Internet will determine how fast you can work in VONAPP.

VONAPP was designed for a monitor screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. You may wish to use 1024 x 768 if you are able to read the text with that setting. Also, the center button of the standard Microsoft triple buttons in the far upper right of your screen (minimize, window, close), will allow better screen sizing if the center button is "double-windowed" instead of single windowed. Once you begin filling out a form, use only the back and continue buttons at the bottom of your VONAPP screen when you see them. If you cannot see these two buttons make sure your screen resolution is set for 800 x 600, your screen is "double-windowed," and you have made your screen viewing area as large as possible by hiding extra tool bars. You can also use your Alt + b keys to get to the back button and the Alt + c keys to get to the continue button. Once you are on the button which will be inside a box outlined with dotted lines, use your Enter key to activate it. Finally, if necessary, you can "pull down" the screen to try to see the buttons by holding down your left mouse key and pulling the cursor down to the bottom of the screen so the text will move up.

Browser Versions and Internet Security

VONAPP requires that you have installed on your computer one of these Internet browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) version 6.0 or higher (IE 8 has not been tested for compatibility with VONAPP)

Netscape Navigator version 4.7 (other versions will not work)

Mozilla Firefox versions 2.0 through 3.0.7     

Safari version 3 (newer versions have not tested for compatibility with VONAPP)

Any browser you use must have a high level of security called 128-bit encryption.  VONAPP will automatically use 128-bit encryption when you begin working on a form in VONAPP so you will probably not have to do anything about this. But if VONAPP tells you that you must download it, 128-bit encryption can be downloaded for free as part of your Internet browser.

Microsoft Internet Explorer link:


Firefox link:


Safari link:


VONAPP Printing

Printing from VONAPP is currently disabled for security reasons. For your records, you should print the confirmation page that appears after submitting your application. This tells you where your claim is being processed and provides a confirmation number. The confirmation number can be used to trace your application.