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As of August 13, 2017, you will no longer be able to start a new application in VONAPP.

·         For applications for Health care, Education, Pension, and Burial benefits please visit []

·         To apply for Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment benefits, please go to eBenefits. []

If you have started an application already in VONAPP, you will have until September 13th 2017 to complete and submit. After this date, applications will no longer be accessible on VONAPP.


Please update your browser bookmarks with the new web addresses.


Can I access my incomplete form in VONAPP?

Partially completed forms and forms saved but not submitted can be accessed in VONAPP for 30 days following the date you started your application. After 30 days, claims not submitted are removed from the system.

Can I view my completed forms in VONAPP?

Submitted applications cannot be viewed or printed; however, you will be able to view and print your submission confirmation page  for one year (365 days) from the date of submission.

Can I start a new VONAPP form?

At this time, no new applications can be started in VONAPP. Please go to or eBenefits to complete your application.

Claims for Compensation Benefits and Dependency Benefits can be filed through VDC. VDC is available for use in eBenefits under the “Apply for Benefits” section. A Premium eBenefits account is necessary for access to VDC. Your VONAPP username and password will not allow access to VDC. To register for an eBenefits Premium account, please visit their DS Logon Account Registration page.

Once registered, select "Apply" on the eBenefits homepage.  You will then be able to select the benefit for which you are wanting to apply.

Questions related to Disability Compensation? Please contact us at

Questions related to VONAPP system issues? Please contact the VONAPP mailbox at

Note: Questions related to Disability Compensation sent to may result in a delayed response.